Shop Floor

Shop Floor Control

Let us show you how to reduce your Order Entry-to-Ship Time by eliminating administration time, cost and unnecessary paperwork

Manage production the way YOU want to. Get out from under the paper stack! Let the system create the manufacturing order automatically and (if desired) release it to the production floor when the Customer Order is booked. (A dynamic link between the customer order line and the manufacturing order assure job tracking and updating. )

We’ll even receive the finished assembly and close the order if you like.
You probably will want to control some production orders manually of course. That’s why we built the order policy rules into Inventory; you decide which assemblies are non-stock… we’ll make sure you manufacture them! You can concentrate on the real problems.**

**And for those pesky jobs that you need to keep a close watch over, you can modify the components, change quantity per, modify the routing steps, issue partial / backflush remainder, issue “all” button, accept default locations, close short, reopen closed orders, and of course track labor and material performance along the way…in a visual environment.

Let us take the drudgery out of managing and tracking outside processing.
Outside processing is directly linked to the manufacturing order operation, with operation update based on P.O. receipt. We even keep a score card of the actual cost verses expected cost at each vendor.

Productivity Killer No. 1: Machinery down time
Machine or Tool (and Die Set) asset preventative maintenance begins with usage tracking and lifecycle expectancy. Tool tracking is tough enough, but die sets are even more elusive with their interchangeable parts. Let us show you how we will save you from lost productivity “down time”.

CNC Machine loading? Ask about our seamless interface to your CNC programs!

Truck Load Scheduling? Reduce bottlenecks and gain floor space!
When shipments need to be coordinated by enclosed truck load delivery sequence, there are several key factors to consider. The goods must be loaded on the truck in a reverse order of delivery; either the goods are coordinated or extra time and money is expended to arrange the load..(at the expense of the manufacturer). Truck load scheduling facilitates shop production timing that greatly reduces or eliminates warehouse expense by facilitating production routing in direct shop-to-truck loading sequence.

Shop Floor Control Features

  • Multi-company
  • Multi-warehouse
  • Scheduling flexibility
    • Production Line schedule
      • Inventory class driven
    • Department/Work center
      • Dispatch
    • Truck Load Scheduling
      • Schedule work flow in load sequence
  • Assemble To Order direct from Customer Order Entry
    • Create
    • Release
    • Customer Order line link
    • Shop Focus control
      • Customer Order – track all lines of Order
      • Classic Manufacturing – Track each assembly by department
  • Lot/Serial control integration
  • Alternate Location integration
  • Independent order material & labor/operations requirements
    • Captured from Bill of Material at order release
    • Captured from Routing Process at order release
    • Modifiable at the order level
  • Attaching operation sequence number
    • Links Bill of Material to Routing step
      • Allows timely attachment of material
  • Work in Process by order tracing
    • Real time General Ledger interface
  • Labor Reporting interface
    • Real time data entry
    • Report by operation group or sequence
    • Piece rate reporting options
  • Capacity Requirements Planning considerations
    • Projected Load by Department/Work Center
  • Bar code/Data collection accessible
  • Fully integrated with ERP and Supply Chain Management

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