Shipping Management – Bill of Lading

When the goods leave the warehouse or shop floor you need traceability. With Xdata you get ease of processing, accountability, inventory traceability and hands-free system integration.

With Xdata’s unique integrated Bill of Lading, when the truck leaves the dock, invoicing is one push of a button away!

Additionally, when you need to manage multiple warehouses, transferring inventory from one location to another is so well controlled it is approved (and used by) State Prison Industries. Each transfer is controlled by a unique document number, recording inventory out / in transit / inventory in. In-transit inventory assures you of positively correct inventory by warehouse.

Shipping Maintenance / Bill of Lading Features

  • Dynamically linked to Customer Order processing and Shop Floor Control.
  • Instant Inventory, Order Management, General Ledger interaction.
    • Shipping Carton control
    • Empty carton weight calculation
  • Stackable limits calculation
  • Total weight: Auto-calculate weights and auto-segregate containers by
  • Cubic volume in feet calculations
  • Number of containers
  • National Motor Freight Code distinction
  • Consolidated shipping
  • Multiple warehouse
  • UPC shipping labels
  • Goods in transit accountability
  • edi ASN available

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