Returned Goods

RGA – Returned Goods Authorization System

Xdata offers integrated and standalone RGA/RMA solutions.

Xdata’s Returned Goods  Authorization (RGA) database system provides a structured format for authorizing, issuing, tracking, analyzing, and managing the entire RGA process. The development was prompted following an internal manufacturing customer study revealing large, unrealized losses result from mismanagement, misdirection and failures to analyze claims.

Our structured RGA Management System makes it easy to track an RGA claim and monitor it through the approval/disapproval process of the proper channels. The system has an optional module that can automatically notify claimants of the RGA’s disposition (or denial) via fax or email.

All RGA claims (approved and disapproved) can be reviewed and analyzed. The system tracks the status of every claim, the disposition (and current physical location) of the Returned Goods, a plan of action authorized to reach a finalize disposition, and the planned cost of remediation. A summary of actual cost is determined during final disposition.

Xdata RGA Management System is offered as a stand-alone product and as an integrated option with Xdata’s ERP software packages for small- and mid-sized manufacturing companies.

Xdata packages offer fully-integrated, real-time business systems with advanced features: multi-warehouse, multi-plant, multi-company, lot # and serial # tracking, electronic document distribution, EDI and more. Versions are available for Windows, Windows Servers and IBM Midrange systems.

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