Control from requisition through receipt into inventory

Xdata purchasing supports direct materials for the manufacturing process as well as Capital Equipment, office supplies, service, etc. Links P.O. and Receiving to Accounts Payable providing ease of entry, data integrity, plus.. check and balance of the separate Corporate functions.

Buy to Order? Drop Ship? With Xdata, Purchasing is an integral part of Customer Order entry saving time money and aggravation caused by double entry. You set the policies, Xdata orchestrates the material.

Purchasing decisions begin with inventory analysis and process through vendor performance. Matching your internal needs with the correct vendor requires knowledge of the vendor’s performance on a specific commodity or Item.

Does the vendor..
Deliver on time?
Honor the required dates?
Honor the required quantities/partials?
Offer fair pricing?
How does one vendor compare to another.. for the same item?

Vendor Price / Performance considerations are integrated into the purchase order system. All receipts and payments are recorded in a vendor analysis file that is easily retrievable and linked to the Vendor Buy Display. Drills to historical performance and Item transaction history are only part of the many features within this integrated application.

Purchasing Features

  • Multi-Company
  • Multi-Warehouse
  • Multi-Currency
  • Blanket P.O. Support
    • Contracts
    • Release control
  • Receiving Accrual Liability (System selectable)
    • Received not Vouchered control
  • Lot/Serial/Multi-bin Tracking Upon Receipt
  • Vendor Buy Data integrated to P.O.
  • Laser or Continuous Form P.O.
  • Various cross references/Search keys
  • Drop ship address control
  • Vendor performance analysis, extended history
  • Inventory, Capitol Equipment, and Miscellaneous Support
  • Dovetailed to A/P , Inventory, G/L, MRP, and Customer Order Entry
  • Job tagged purchase tracking
  • Vendor Item number cross link
  • Extended Vendor Item descriptions
  • Detail transaction history

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