Product Costing

Know your cost of sales at all times

Want to save time and money? You don’t need to wait until the end of the game to know if you are winning or losing. Xdata provides an up-to-date scorecard based on rock-solid Product Costs.

Let our vast experience in the field help you un-complicate this process.

Manufactured product cost elements need to be established and controlled in a granular mode in order to gauge and manage variations. Both total cost and this level (assembly costs) are isolated, with the elements tracked for variances. New receipts are compared and examined for cost changes, including rolling the components cost if using Average**. AND.. a change in your costs affects your valuable Assets Inventory. We keep your subsidiary Ledger in balance with the General Ledger!

Standard/Current Standard/Frozen Average and Last cost considerations are supported. Landed cost.. (freight in, taxes, or any additional inbound costs) may be clustered as an isolated element of cost…considered as part of the Asset, but not included for Purchase price comparisons.

**Is Standard Cost methodology too complicated? Not sensitive to recent trends? Average Cost from Xdata is your answer. With our unique formula Average Cost will compensate for incorrect cost associated with over-selling an Item (running the Inventory negative).

Product Costing Features

  • Multi-company
  • Enables Invoice line Item level Cost of Goods Sold
  • Standard/Current/Last/Average/Frozen costs
  • Material, labor, fixed, variable overhead
  • Unit and this level cost separations
  • Isolated inbound freight cost…landed cost considerations
  • Re-cost retrieval provides instant view of “new” or changed Items
  • Data normalization…Item Material Cost code/Inventory Class control external table of GL Accounts for Revenue/Cost of Sales – Inventory Asset/Variance
  • One change to Cost code results all associated Items changing
  • Isolated cost rolls…Current/Standard/changed Items
  • Costed Bill of Material Retrieval/print.. controllable print of current/standard/both
  • Costed Inventory report with “Past Period End” synchronization

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