Inventory Management

“Matched sets of parts” should be the goal of your inventory system. Having the right inventory.. and most likely a reduced number of correct components and assemblies at the right place and the right time. We provide the tools to easily manage and facilitate a reduced carrying cost of that most valued asset.. Inventory.

With an emphasis on “Make To Order,” Xdata’s Customer Order Entry module allows real time integration of non shelved inventory with the shop floor or purchasing , including the ability to monitor and control the specific manufacturing requirements, such as placing the order on hold or modifying the due dates. All transactions are accounted for by our integrated General Ledger. Both your Inventory and General Ledger (Balance sheet and Income statement) entries are real time.. and in harmony.. including divisional control. As our system is totally integrated, asset control, line item sales/cost of sales, receipts, issues and purchase price variance are all accounted for immediately making month end closing a breeze.

Xdata manages all disciplines of inventory; Purchased / Manufactured / Stockable / Non stocked, and Non-controlled Inventory… by location, by warehouse.

Receipts, issues, adjustments, and moves are input, monitored, and controlled with ease and accountability… (Receive too many? Simply reverse the receipt. Close the wrong Order? Simply reopen it..)

Have special control considerations? Lot Control and Serial numbered, including 17 position VIN items are managed over multiple warehouses or locations. VIN tracking from Customer Order Entry through production facilitates industries such as Trailer or other Highway equipment manufacturing that follow the VIN from the beginning of Order Entry.

All transactions are recorded into a permanent history. Detailed transactional history is retrievable and printable by Event, Date, Order and additionally shows quantity, time Lot/Serial No. Reason, Location, and identity of person.

Inventory Accounting Features

  • Multi-company
  • Multi-warehouse
  • Searches.. “No other  can Compare”
    • Item/”Contains”/Description
    • Drawing
    • Prime Vendor
    • Item type/Commodity/Class
    • Below order point
    • With open orders/Bills
    • Routings
    • PLUS Concatenated Searches…and much more
    • One common routine is used throughout system
  • List boxes/Drills
  • Transaction History Audit
  • Reorder Point and MRP policies
  • Floor stock selectable
  • 17 position Item Number and Serial Number (VIN)
  • Lot Control/expiration dating
  • Material Safety Data Sheet link
    • Expiration date
  • Externally referenced G/L Account numbers
    • Data normalization
      • Sales/Cost of Sales
      • Inventory/Purchase Price Variance
    • Large quantity /price fields
      • Supports Million dollar Items/ 99 million quantity/ 3 dec.
  • Unit of Measure conversion
    • Purchase/Stock
  • Extended Description 5 lines of 30 with Forms management of printing
  • Many classifications
    • A-B-C Inventory
    • Material Cost (commodity) classification
    • Inventory class (sales)
    • Drawing Number
    • Catalog Number
  • Manufacturing Work In Process
  • Fully integrated with ERP and Supply Chain Management

Alternate Location Control | Multi-bin Stocking
Track on-hand inventory by multiple bin locations within multi-stockrooms and multi-plants. This item-selectable feature incorporates all on-hand information within the entire company level of the system. Multiple location inventory is invaluable to those who require precise measurement/control, and yet maintain more than one location per item. A default location is established. This feature will free you from the frustration and expense of keying a “default” location; also facilitates back-flush in a multi-bin environment. Physical/Cycle Inventory seeks multi-bin Items alerting the counter of all possible spots to check for the Item.

Warehouse Control
Track and control West Coast inventory separate from East Coast inventory, and invoice from either.. or combinations.
Integrated to the General Ledger to provide Balance sheet and Income Statement Divisional separation.

Sophisticated inventory relief allows single-line invoicing to backflush from multiple warehouses, which is necessary to drive divisional P & L, in such cases as field assemblies or drop ships charged to separate divisions. Physical/Cycle Count Inventory is Warehouse specific.  Default Warehouse by Client/User.

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