Customer Ordering

Customer Order Management

Save time effort and money while single handedly managing Customer orders. It’s easy with Xdata’s Centralized Customer Order Management system.

Configured Products, Assemble To Order (ATO), Quick Ships, Service Parts, Labor, Distributor, or Schedule to build, this system provides flexibility in the management of customer orders. Management has complete control — from initial booking of an Order or Quote, converting a quote to an Order, and tracking the process through invoicing. Orders may be modified, shipped partially, invoiced partially and retained as long as necessary.

Configured to Order (product configurator) and ATO (assemble to order) provide an integrated direct link to production/shop workflow including a combination Bill of Material and (if used) Bill of Labor/Routing for the build thru process. Client selectable manufacture order build and release from Customer Order entry provides traceability and Job Accounting control.

Truck Load scheduling.. When shipments need to be coordinated by enclosed truck load delivery sequence, there are several key factors to consider. The goods must be loaded on the truck in a reverse order of delivery; either the goods are coordinated or extra time and money is expended to arrange the load.. (at the expense of the manufacturer). Truck load scheduling greatly reduces or eliminates warehouse expense by facilitating direct shop-to-truck loading. Whether you are a build to stock or build to order, This feature alone could cover the investment cost of the entire software package.

Where is Sales History most useful? We believe the answer includes Customer Order Entry, which includes Sales History Drills. From aged A/R to comparative pricing by Item…one customer compared to all others, price, cost and volume.

Much more than order entry… Customer Order Management!

Customer Order Management Features

  • Multi-company
  • Automatic credit limit checking
    • with drill to customer detail and notes
  • Client controlled Manufacturing Order Management
  • Create/Release of manufacturing orders
  • Rules-based Product Configurator
  • 17-position VIN supported at Order Entry
  • Assemble to Order
    • Job tagging to manufacturing order
    • MRP demand link for Manufacturing control
  • Build to Schedule
  • FastPath Item Entry by Description series
  • Counter Sales…Real time Invoice
    • Dynamic posting to GL
      • Line-item accounting
      • Individual Sales
      • Cost of sales
      • Inventory accounts
  • Reprint of any Invoice
  • Integrated Bills-of-Lading
    • Pick/Pack/Ship using Bar-code scanners
      • Automatically update all system modules and auto-generate paper as desired: pack slips, pick tickets, Bill-of-lading, invoices, Advanced Shipping Notices.
    • Consolidate Customer Order/Shipments (by ship-to address) on a single BOL
    • Generate Invoices from BOL (or by Order)
    • Auto-calculate weights and auto-segregate containers by freight-class
    • Handles partial shipments seamlessly
    • BOL generation linked with automatic Advanced Shipping Notice (ASN) generation modules
    • Automatically handles Customer-furnished materials, Consigned Inventory, and Multiple Warehouses
  • Partial shipments and invoicing
    • Immediate backorder indication
  • Master comments with modification
  • Line Item specific Private/Public Comments
  • Forms print control of comments/Item extended description
  • Inventory or non-inventory (Labor/Service/Repair) supported
  • Multiple Commissions
    • Salesperson commission schedules
  • Multiple taxes per order (default from Customer Master) Plus tax override
  • Delayed Invoice Capable
    • Inventory relief tied to Bill of Lading (when used)
  • Pick / pack lists
    • B/O auto produced
  • Shipping labels
  • Captured Ship To Name/Address at line level
  • Order Price smoothing allows weighted line-item price based on explicit Total price
  • Pricing Data Base Master
    • Select up to 11 pricing considerations
      • Item
      • Item Class
      • Item/Customer
      • Item Class/Customer
      • Customer Class
      • Price code
      • and more
    • The priority of the 11 pricing considerations is system selectable in any order combination
    • Each Price may have effective and expiration dates, discount percent/markup percent, or explicit price based on quantity ranges.
    • Fully integrated with ERP and Supply Chain Management

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