Accounts Receivable

A/R that is uncomplicated, intuitive, and powerfully detailed.

View a customer account by Invoice number, Purchase Order Number or, of course, by Customer… all searchable!

Instant aged A/R and payment history is displayed with each retrieval. Recreate a past period ending Aged A/R detail listing at will. Payment history includes check number amount and date of payment, and any comments.  Have split-terms due dating? Specific day of the month due dates? Yes, we do that too!

Cash Receipts and Adjustments provides ease of entry and powerful flexibility, and control.

“Book when collected” finance charges provides the means to control past due invoices… without the drudgery of tracking. Statements show finance charges… A/R does not… but when (if) paid, cash receipts automatically applies to books.

Accounts Receivable is fully integrated with Customer Order Processing and General Ledger, including a real-time entry of customer invoices.

Accounts Receivable Features

  • Multi-company
  • Divisional Control
  • Apply cash by Customer or Invoice
  • Manual or Automatic application of cash with invoice override
  • Adjustments and overpayment General Ledger Account selection
  • Automatic discount computation (with override) if paid within terms
  • Non A/R with account selection
  • Override default bank account
  • Group control of batches
    • Separate postings by person
  • Accounting period posting control
    • Receipt date/post date
  • Suspense / edit control
  • Payment detail, including client controlled paid invoice history purge
  • Multiple due dates per invoice
  • Fixed day of the month due dates
  • Aged A/R Inquiry and listings on demand
    • Statement cutoff date for month end  processing.
  • Transaction based: recreate Past Period(s) periodic reports
  • Finance charges selectable by company and by customer
    • May be computed, shown on statements but not affect books until collected.
    • Daily interest based on outstanding amount of Invoice.
  • Fully integrated with ERP and Supply Chain Management

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