Accounts Payable

A/P control at your fingertips

Accounts Payable control provides both ease of entry and productivity improvements with interactive links to Purchase Order (PO) receipts and General Ledger.

Each PO receipt is automatically tied to Accounts Payable Vendor selection; Vendor Invoice / Voucher Entry provides a three way match of Ordered/Received/Invoiced. 

Vouchering suggest amounts to book based on Received but not Vouchered amounts.  PO receiving accrual liability is readily viewable and accounted for through the General Ledger, with on demand reporting to verify subsidiary to Ledger. Standard price variance and PO Price variances are recorded for accounting and vendor performance. The voucher is scheduled to pay based on vendor terms and discounts, with override.

Direct distribution of non-POs is easily handled, including the selection of single or multiple G/L account distribution.

Payment selection may be grouped by vendor or due date, with a running total of payments listed. Check disbursements allows complete rollback up to the point of “ink on check” with complete client control. Check Reconciliation is easily handled, including groups of check reconciliation, and view approval or automatic.

Accounts Payable Features

  • Multi-Company
  • Divisional Control
  • Multi-Currency
  • Dynamic link between Purchasing/AP/General Ledger
  • Receiving Accrual Liability
    • Liability established upon receipt (system setup selectable)     
    • Received but not vouchered listing on demand 
  • Intuitive Voucher Entry
    • P.O. receipts verification
    • Previous voucher edit
    • Variance control
  • Group Controlled Batches, suspense edit control
  • 1099 control
  • Interactive payment selection, Partial Payment, running totals
  • One Time Vendor control, Name and Address retained
  • Separate Buy From / Remit To addresses
  • Purchase Vendor / Remit To Vendor Link   
  • Check Disbursements
  • Single check reprint
  • Void check audit
  • Open and paid invoice history
  • Past period(s) Aged Accounts Payable detail
  • Check reconciliation with GL integration of Voids
    • View and select from list or automatic
    • From and To range auto selection with override

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