Welcome to Xdata Solutions

A Reasonably Priced ERP for Manufacturers

GXD is an Enterprise solution you can run on your laptop and it’s priced so you can both survive the pains of a startup, and avoid being sidetracked by a software conversion as your business grows.

Cross-platform functionality

PC / Windows Server / SQL Server / IBM AS/400/iSeries / IBM DB2/400 / Mixed mode.
You pick the computer; we do the rest.

Service and Support

We provide personalized service for every customer. We develop technologies and systems to help companies boost their bottom lines. Xdata is not the largest software company, but simply the best at what we do.

Grows with your Business

Systems designed for entry-level, mid-sized, and larger companies.

Our award-winning ERP package includes streamlined sales order entry, universal enhancements for workflow productivity, plus improved business intelligence.